This contract of use was originally prepared in Turkish language and the Turkish text will prevail in cases of discrepancies between the original and translated texts. The relationships between and visitors, or users, or advertisers will be subject to the conditions of this contract, and this contract will be deemed to be accepted by all persons visiting or using or interacting with it. 




The term represents the website with the address and other domain names directed to this address by the website owner and all implementations, child domains, international versions, mobile versions and instruments included in the website. All rights on these are under the ownership of AKAYLAR Inc. and the website with the name is an operation, registered trade name and domain name of the abovementioned company.

The term User represents all persons visiting the website with the address or becoming a member of the website or creating an account in the website.

The term Advertiser represents the real or legal persons having their companies or products publicized or introduced via the by making a payment for the said publicity or introduction.


Terms of use, rights and liabilities, confidentiality, security;


  • Terms of registration; can be used by anyone who turned 18 in compliance with laws and generally accepted moral principles. Persons who did not turn 18 but older than 13 can use under the supervision of their parents. In case the provisions specified in this paragraph are violated, possible damages will be under the user’s responsibility if he turned 18 or his family if he did not turn 18. Persons who did not turn 13 are not authorized to use is entitled to close your account if you are determined that you got registered to and had an account in although you did not turn 13, and cannot be held responsible for possible damages that may occur as a result.


  • Charging; is a fully free of charge social network whose primary aim is to provide the users the opportunity to determine and announce the gifts they purchase for each other for special days. does not seek profit and it never demands any fee from its users through any page, implementation or function. You hereby undertake that you will immediately inform the website administration when recognize that a fee, payment, credit card information, etc. is demanded from the users by anyone except advertiser of the website in any part of the website and that you will not make any payment in such a case. You also hereby agree that you will be the sole responsible for any such payments you will make.


  • Protection of personal information; will only request your name surname, gender, e-mail address and birth date information during the registration process. Your date of birth will be demanded in month and date, while name, surname, gender and e-mail address information are required to be accurately given. It is forbidden to use with incorrect personal information or getting its services in name of other persons. Personal information you share with will not be shared with third persons or used for commercial purposes without your prior approval. After getting registered, you can invite your mates, relatives or other persons to our website directly or through other social networks and communication instruments, and add them to your list of mates. provides many facilities for enabling you to invite your mates through other social networks. In order to be able to use these invitation facilities, you might be required to give your information for access to other social networks you are registered to with your mates. These information will be never recorded and used afterwards for any purpose. We would like to remind you that you do not have to share these information with us and you can also invite your mates with other methods to be preferred by you. After you get registered to and create your gift list, your mates who want to send these gifts to you may need your address information. You will have the option to share your address information with all your mates or only some of them.
  • It is forbidden to try to access account information of other persons and to perform any operation in name of them.
  • You hereby agree that you will not share the information required for access to your account with anyone.
  • You hereby agree that you will not create more than one account in
  • You hereby agree that you will not create corporate or group accounts or other types of accounts with commercial or advertising purposes, and that you will not carry out such activities in your personal account. 
  • You hereby agree that you will not transfer your account to anyone and allow other persons to permanently or temporarily use your account.


  • Principles for content sharing; All videos, photos, links, texts and other notices shared by the users on are under their own responsibility and it is the users who determine the persons that this content is shared with and viewed by. You hereby undertake that all content shared by you will be fit for purpose, will not be violent or pornographic or violate the laws and generally accepted moral rules, and that you will not share contents for purposes other than the intended use of the website.
  • In case it is determined that you share information, videos or photos, or send messages, or display similar behaviors disturbing other users, website administration will be entitles to close your account. If any, complainants may initiate legal actions against you in such cases. Your complaints and complaints made by other persons against you will be evaluated and necessary actions will be performed within the shortest time possible.
  • It is forbidden to collect and share the information published about other users and to use them for secondary purposes even if their scope are limited.
  • It is forbidden to load viruses or other malicious codes or software on
  • It is forbidden to use for political, religious, racist or discriminatory purposes or for crime, terror or violence and to make sharing or notices in this direction.
  • You hereby undertake that you will not perform any action that will obstruct, slow down or constrain the operation of


  • Your right to information and support; For the problems you may encounter during using, only applications made in English language will be taken into consideration and your applications will be replied in a reasonable time depending on our workload. However, does not undertake to make replies for all your applications.


  • Copyrights; All rights and privileges on the domain name, and registered trade marks and related logos are under our ownership. It is forbidden to use these and also the original design, shape, texts and all other related elements of the website content without taking permission in advance.  



  • A dispute will arise between you and our website if you act contrary to the prohibitions and your commitments specified above.
  • All disputes and matters in dispute (“subject matters”) related to this notification or exclusively or arising from these shall be settled by the courts of Konya/Turkey. Subject matters between you and our party will be subject to the laws of Turkish Republic, notwithstanding the conflicts between different legal provisions. In case local laws are deemed to be insufficient, will have the right to settle the issue in an international court, although the users will not be entitled to do so. In case of a dispute or subject matter, will seek to get its moral and material losses compensated by its addressee.
  • You hereby guarantee that you will hold harmless and will not be responsible for all losses, damages or similar expenses (including reasonable legal expenses) that will arise in cases where any third person files a claim against your or our website in relation with an activity, content or information shared by you on
  • Although we try to keep in a problem-free and operating condition at all times, all risks you may encounter during use will be under your own responsibility. services are provided without any clear or implied guarantee. This condition of non-guarantee includes but not limited to marketability, fit for purpose and non-infringement guarantees. We do not guarantee that is safe or secure. is not responsible for the activities, content, information or data belonging to third parties. You hereby agree that you will release us, our administrators, officers and agents for all claims arising from the cases filed by you against known or unknown third parties or related to such subject matters.