Help topics

-        registration and signing in

-        profile settings

-        inviting mates (facebook application)

-        searching mates

-        adding gifts

-        organizing parties

-        adding celebration videos

-        messaging

-        sharing

-        purchasing gifts for mates

-        remote gift delivery and receipt

-        support, complaint, reporting


Registration signing in;

For the registration process, we request some general information from you in line with the intended use of our website. After getting registered by providing your name, surname, e-mail, gender and birthday information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in a few minutes. By clicking the link included in the e-mail, you can activate your account and enjoy Registration and signing in are, and will be free of charge.


Profile settings;

In this section, you can edit your profile photo and personal information, set your language and visibility preferences, share notes with your mates and update them whenever you want.  


Inviting mates;

The first thing you need when you enter is a group of mates. You can invite your mates here directly or through other social networks. Facebook facility of will offer you an important convenience at this point. Thanks to our Facebook facility, you have the opportunity to invite all your mates at once by connecting to Facebook via


Searching mates;


With the “search” box on the main toolbar of the page, you can search your mates with their names and send mate adding requests to others.


Adding gifts;

At your first visit to our site, you will see an explanation about the use of “bookmark” button. As defined in that explanation, adding the “bookmark” button on the toolbar of your web browser will provide you an important convenience in the use of our system. With the “bookmark” button, you can add any product you see at any page during your surf on the internet to your gift list by just one click without the need of signing in to


You have two alternatives for adding gifts. Firstly, when you open any page including items, you can click on the “bookmark” button previously added to the toolbar of your browser and enter the item information in the displayed window. Secondly, after clicking on the “my gift list” icon on the menu located left and the “add gift” button in the opening page, you can enter the information for any item you found at another tab or window of your browser and save it. 


You have the possibility to define many parameters for the items added to your gift list: special days on which you expect to receive the gift; number of mates you want to come together for purchasing the gift; persons who are allowed to see the item; and your color, size, type, etc. preferences for the gift.


Organizing parties;

by clicking on the “party” button next to your profile photo, you can enter the date, time and location of your party in the opening window for being notified to your mates.


Adding celebration videos;

After clicking the photo or name of a mate in your list, you will see a “send video” button on the upper side of the opening window. By clicking on this button, you can celebrate birthdays and other special days of your mate alone or together with your mutual mates by uploading entertaining videos on the system. 



You can send messages or read the ones sent to you by using the “send message” facility that will appear when you enter into the profile of your mate or by clicking the “message” icon on the main menu.



When you sign in to, you can inform your mates that you have entered into through other social networks by clicking the “share” button next to your profile photo. Similarly, if you have a gift list, you can inform your mates with the “share” button on the list and ensure that the gifts you expect to receive are recognized by them shortly.  


Purchasing gifts for mates;

Your mates will see the gifts expected by you and of course you will see theirs. When you want to purchase a gift included in the gift list of a mate, you can join other mates who want to purchase the same gift for her/him by clicking the “add me” button under the gift in the list. Although some gifts will be allowed to be purchased by only one mate, a joint purchasing option will be offered for others. There is not a limitation for the number of mates that will joint for purchasing a gift. We would like to remind you that you have to contact other mates with whom you will jointly purchase a gift.


Remote gift delivery and receipt;

We added an optional address box in your profile settings. If you enter your address here and share with others, your remote mates can provide that the gifts included in your list are delivered to your address. Similarly, you can also click the address icons next to the profile photos of your mates in order to find their addresses and send gifts to them.


Support, complaint, reporting; takes into consideration only the e-mails sent in English language and makes replies for problems which are deemed to require solutions and cannot be solved through the help page. Thus, does not undertake to reply all your e-mails. Legal and technical actions will be taken for spam e-mails and others which unnecessarily occupy out team. We hereby request you inform us about the contents and actions disturbing you on our pages. We will try to do our best to offer a secure and comfortable social network by immediately considering your complaints and reports. Help and awareness of our users are deemed to be very important and essential at this point.

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