What are we dealing with here?

gift2mate.com provides you the opportunity to determine the gifts you would like to receive on your special days, and share your preferences with your mates. This way, you will not receive gifts which you will never use or appreciate, and your mates will not have to ask themselves “what should I buy” on your every birthday. Besides, you will also hit the bull’s eye while choosing gifts for your mates.

Is that all?

Sure not. You can load celebration videos you will prepare on the pages of your distant mates. Just think about it! Can you imagine how funny the videos you will find here be? Messaging each other is also free. In addition to all these, you can organize birthday parties and share information on these with your mates.

Can we purchase gifts each other only for birthdays?

No. Your gift list will remain open during the year. Everyone knowing you and your special days can purchase the active gifts in your list at any time they want. Although we have arranged categories only for birthday, birth and housewarming gifts, you can make surprises on the mother’s days, father’s days or teacher’s days, etc. From now on, you must be open to surprises throughout the year. May be we are wrong to call it surprise :)

Are my mates with whom I want to share my gift list also here?

You can invite them yourself, or we can make it for you through other social networks and communication instruments. Everyone will be informed on your expectations and you will also see their special days and the gifts they expect to receive. Everything is mutual, you know. Look at the bright side: you will no more forget birthdays of your mates or feel embarrassment because of purchasing an unexpected gift.

What awaits you inside ...!

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